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Tax Technology

Would a tax data-driven world require a new kind of professional? What is the model to get tax technology professionals certified? What would a career path in tax technology look like?


Our certification program offers a path to the tax technology elevation you were looking for.

Our Approach


Belt System Overview

e-Bright, in partnership with PawPaw Taxology, has initiated a career path in Tax Tech through the creation of the Belt Tax Technology Certification Program.

Offering the necessary career and development direction for companies and individuals, the program is tailored to the needs of a data-driven world and is carefully designed to correspond with the latest trends and insights in tax and compliance technologies.


Each level has its own characteristics, which together make up the composition of a multidisciplinary team running a digital transformation project for tax workflows.

To apply for a specific belt, professionals need to satisfy certain requirements.

  • Be a certified professional with knowledge in tax and tax-related technologies;

  • Reach the professional and academic level to keep up with modern tax technology peers;

  • Stay up-to-date with the fast-moving digital world of tax;

  • Have a basic understanding of coding, adaptive learning, project management, and communication with field stakeholders;

  • Become a trained master in the processes involving technology and tax workflows.

  • Bring tax technology professionals to your organization with a level of qualification which has not been available yet to date.

  • By starting today, your career will be ‘future proof’ in the area of tax and technology.

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Yellow Belt

Basic Level

Orange Belt

Elementary Level

Light Green Belt

Intermediate Level

Dark Green Belt

Upper-Intermediate Level

Black Belt

Advance Level

Master Black Belt

Expert Level

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