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"The course offered by the E-bright team is exceptionally complete and it offers something that tax professionals are looking for; it introduces to the most recent development in the field of Tax Technology." 

- Zhanna Gres on behalf of Uber TaxTechnology Team


"E-Bright and TPA hosted a great tax and technology workshop for the Nouryon tax team. They really helped us to think creatively about the challenges in this area and shared valuable best practice from own experience.”

- Dennis Nijssen, on behalf of Nouryon Team



E-bright supports tax, finance and technology professionals to drive their career and obtain the required certificates to become a tax technology specialist. The unique belt system for tax technology developed with universities and other e-learning platforms, offers corporates and professionals many benefits and keep their digital skillset up to date. 

A blend between e-learning and personal coaching is offered. While the yellow and orange belt start introducing terms and concepts in the tax technology spaces, the green and black belts are all about 'exposure and experience' on use cases. 

Additional course materials in the area of international tax, transfer pricing, value chain analysis as well as valuation are being offered.
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Get all the knowledge and training you need for the future professional work environment.


Use the Aeolus Compliance Tracker as your starting point for you digital transformation. The Aeolus Compliance tracker is a mobile app to track your compliance workflows in real-time, anytime, anywhere. It allows you to gain insights on global compliance status and keep your team in control. It is a two-way tracker, giving the power back to the global head of Tax Compliance.

Are you in control?
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