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E-Bright, in partnership with Xyto Taxology, has initiated The Belt System: a Tax Technology Certification carefully designed to correspond with the latest trends and insights in tax and compliance technologies. 


This program is tailored to the needs of a data-driven world, offering the necessary career and development direction for companies and individuals.

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Why choose The Belt System?

📚 Outstanding Curriculum: Master tax automation, data analytics, process optimization, and regulatory compliance - Essential skills for success in the field.


🎓 Expert Instructors: Learn from industry specialists who provide practical insights and real-world examples, giving you a competitive edge.


🔧 Hands-on Experience: Apply what you learn through interactive exercises and real-world simulations, building confidence and practical know-how.


🏆 Recognized Certification: Receive a prestigious Tax Technology Certification upon completion, boosting your professional profile and opening doors to new opportunities.

Yellow Belt

Intro Level

Orange Belt

Junior Level

Light Green Belt

Manager Level

Dark Green Belt

Senior Manager Level

Black Belt

Director Level


Rivium Quadrant 90,

Capelle a/d IJssel, 2909 LC, NL


+31 10 713 8598



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