Tax Professionals

Automation and data processing are changing the labor market. Professionals will need to adapt to a new world which requires new skills in order to stay competitive in the labor market and set themselves up for the future professional environment. Do you want to boost your career?

Accounting Professionals

If you’re an accountant that wants to grow in customer numbers and advisory turnover, you might consider widening your skillset towards an advisory role. Adressing outliers and hosting strategy meetings will make you even more valuable to your client. Interested in becoming a trusted advisor?

Tax Litigators and Mediators

Tax litigation is becoming more and more important in today’s digital economy. Why? There is no global consensus about taxing digital economy. Each country/organization has different policies which will lead to disputes in the future. Want to become the tax litigator of the future?


Tax Technology Professionals

As we all know the typical task list of the tax professional will change due to standardization and automation of workflows. The new tax professional has to know how to use technology to their advantage, that is why we created the tax technology course.

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