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Digital Economy Handbook 2016

Digital Economy Handbook 2016

After witnessing the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the capitalistic revolution along with free trade and globalization, mankind is now witnessing the IT revolution that has the potential to fundamentally transform every aspect of modern day life. It is characterized by the emergence of a new economic system i.e. the ‘Digital Economy’. This book analyzes the latest trends in the business model configurations and addresses their impact on the existing tax and transfer pricing systems as well as suggests new regulatory mechanisms to ensure appropriate taxation of the businesses operating in the digital sector.
€ 100.00
Author(s): Steef Huibregtse, Avisha Sood | Year of publication: 2016 | Pages: 168
Chinese Practitioner's Guide in Transfer Pricing

Chinese Practitioner's Guide in Transfer Pricing

This book is dedicated especially for Chinese practitioners who are interested in the field of transfer pricing. The book can also be seen as a good reference point for tax authorities. This book combines a large number of cases and provides a detailed discussion related to the topic of various types of inter-company transactions, intellectual property, and business restructuring and valuation, as well as customs.
€ 50.00
Author(s): Steef Huibregtse, Ling Zhang | Year of publication: 2014 | Pages: 188
Transfer Pricing Handbook. Designing your transfer pricing system: A practice guide

Transfer Pricing Handbook. Designing your transfer pricing system: A practice guide

The Transfer Pricing Handbook for Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) has been published to assist MNEs in their pursuit for a sound transfer pricing system, in compliance with transfer pricing rules and regulations currently in place in Europe. The authors of this book recognise the pressures facing MNEs in today’s competitive global market and acknowledge the need for MNEs to be proactive in establishing effective transfer pricing systems that are aligned with their business models. More than just a theoretical tool, this book introduces a clear and concise approach that allows you to design your own transfer pricing system based on your business operations, and providing you with the knowledge of how your operations can fully align with relevant tax and transfer pricing rules.
€ 50.00
Author(s): Steef Huibregtse, Louan Verdoner and Jan Welvaert | Year of publication: 2009 | Pages: 89
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