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All the elements needed for digital transformation. We work to make your tax workspot more secure, connected, scalable and efficient.



Popularity around this term has grown exponentially over the past years with a common dominator of companies seeking it. However, the term "digital transformation" can be interpreted in many ways.

Some companies relate the concept of using the robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, and yet others relate it to using the cloud to store information,  having a new website or simple remote working with Zoom, Microsoft teams, etc. Hence, how does e-bright approach this term?



At e-bright we seek to provide all the elements needed to drive digital transformation. We start with people, training them to become digitally savvy and prepare them to leverage up to date technology.  

We offer top-class technology platforms for tax professional process workflows and train people to close the digital gap.

Our focus:

Our main objective is to make your tax function become more:

  1. Secure

  2. Connected

  3. Scalable

  4. Efficient

Fow who?

We work with In-house Tax departments of corporations and companies related to accounting and legal advisory. 

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