Workshop addressing Tax Dilemmas

Why participate in the workshop?

  • Learn to educate the board on tax matters.
  • Learn the ins and outs of 12 well knows companies that found themselves in court.


What to expect from the workshop?

With this physical workshop we want you to get a grasp of the consequences that a tax structure can have. Apply your knowledge in practice during the workshop with the intend to mitigate risk in tax matters by learning to address Tax Dilemmas in the Board Room.

Tax matters usually fall under the resposibility of the CFO, but due to the technical base of the subject and lack of tax knowledge by CFO's, the tax matters stay unaddressed. Once an inhouse tax professional / tax litigator understands the right way to bring the message accros tax matters can be addressed again.

Your Contact Person

  Boyd Huibregtse 

  +31 10 713 8597


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Tel: +31 (0) 10 713 8597