Trusted Advisor - Module B


  • Provides tools to identify companies’ value drivers
  • Highly practical approach with many examples 
  • Explains the relativity of value and its meaning in different contexts


Impression of topics discussed on value creation:

  • How to model, measure and manage Intangible Capital
  • How to create a custom assessment for an organization
  • Developments in value chains
  • The new CFO playground and emerging priorities affecting the future role of the CFO
  • Understand firms’ value drivers and value creation techniques which make companies successful
  • Smarter Companies concept and its practical approach to value optimization
  • Identify the hidden value within your/a company
  • Increase and measure shareholder value
  • Etc.


Impression of topics discussed on valuation techniques:

  • Insights into the importance of considering the business context
  • How to perform a reliable valuation in the relevant business context
  • Guidance through a step-by-step valuation process
  • Discussion of valuation frameworks
  • Examples and case studies
  • Etc.

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