TP Memory Trainer

Why take the TP Memory Trainer?

  • Clients found the memory trainer to be useful since it relates to cases relevant to their practice.
  • All 150 scenarios are based on real-life encounters in tax practice. 
  • Long-term memory requires the activation of short-term memory
  • Repetitiveness is important to retain information in your long-term memory.
  • The Memory Trainer makes you practice the real-life scenarios over and over in a gamified setting.

What can you expect from the TP Memory Trainer?

The memory trainer tests your short-term knowledge and gives you a crash course on various topics. A memory trainer contains 150 practical questions and 8-10 line answers, plus visualized examples as an explanation. The aim with the memory trainers is to have practical usability in your daily job. An example of such a question is “What is the impact of digitalisation on the value
chain of an OEM in the automotive industry?".

Think you have had enough practice with the memory trainer? Take an e-exam! With the e-exam you can test your knowledge on the subject and find out if you really know the material. The e-exam is also included in the bundle.

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