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Paw Paw Taxology

PawPaw Taxology understands that tax function digitalisation is as much as ‘people’ as it is about ‘technology’. As thought leaders in this area, we embrace people, process and technology in our training program, consultancy and projects.

Worldwide Taxnet

A new community of experts from the academic and practical side working together with the aim of creating new solutions for the international tax world trought research projects and academic papers, using the knowledge as their guidance.


the I/I/T/F provides the tax community with a vast array of services and products in order to educate and inform professionals and taxpayers alike, on an international scale.

Tax Tribe; By I/I/T/F

Taxation is such a diverse field and tax professionals often become isolated in their own jurisdictions. TaxTribe is a collaboration platform where tax professionals can join, share and collaborate experiences and knowledge.

Quebiko; By I/I/T/F

Quebiko is the global online training platform that brings together professionals and the best possible instructors. Using its bespoke ·pay-as-you-learn· online technology, Quebiko offers a spectrum of Post Graduate qualifications, certificate & short courses and webinars. Quebiko also welcomes professionals who wish to instruct their own courses, the only requirement being that the subject matter deals with professional content as set out in the content parameters.

Strategizing Multinational Tax Risks is an innovative look at practical, thoughtful and creative Best Practices to strategize tax risks of multinational corporations and tax practitioners. Current global tax events are discussed, including proactive development of processes and procedures to minimize related tax risks. The site is meant to promote discussions, insights and leading practices for global tax risks encountered by multinationals, academicians, advisors and tax administrations.

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