TP docs & BEPS - A LATAM perspective

This booklet gives you information on TP docs & BEPS - A LATAM perspective.

Documentación PT y BEPS - Perspectiva de LATAM

The Spanish version of the booklet on TP docs & BEPS - A LATAM perspective. En Espagnol. 

2016 Handbook for dispute resolution

Need information on how to succesfully settle disputes? This booklet will give you the required info. 

Digital Economy Handbook 2016

How is data changing today's world? What are the business processes of the future? Read it here.

Value Chain Analysis - BEPS version of TP?

How could Value Chain Analysis be useful to you? Click on the link below to find out in the book.

How tax Tech changes your world

Wondering how Tex Technology will change your business? This booklet will explain it. 

Tax for board members - CFO’s journey

Describing CFO’s journey from “staying out of trouble” to being “fully in control”. Click below.

Internal Booklet TP and IP 2018

Wondering about the latest developments in TP and IP in 2018, click below to go to the book.

Whitepaper "How to treat the planet?"

How should the challenges caused by globalization be tackled? Are current political institutions able to do it or is greater reform needed? This whitepaper will discuss how to deal with the challenges.

Whitepaper "What is the true value of Spotify?"

Tech giants are dominating the stock markets with valuations that seem unrealistic. This whitepaper discusses the true value of these companies and present metrics to calculate this.

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