Accounting Professionals

Accountants today:

  • Try to solve problems while delivering quality
  • Provide general insights into trends and developments
  • Are internally focused, often reactive and do what is expected

Embracing digitalization means:

  • Offering instant bookkeeping
  • Making financial forecasts easier
  • Feeling more confident in conversations with your clients about their future
  • Bringing strategy meetings with your clients by addressing outliers to the next level

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

  • Understanding the industry and business models of the clients you work with
  • Having a clear view of your client companies’ value chain
  • Means becoming the customer's business friend
  • Being coached on the application of the acquired knowledge to your customers
  • Bringing the relationship with your customers to a strategic level
  • Helping your client’s organization create competitive advantage
Trusted Advisor - Module A

Provides a holistic view on Transfer Pricing and BEPS. The course contains up to 40 hours of reading and training material and is supported by short explanatory videos. The bundle includes a course on the subjects:

  • Transfer Pricing
  • BEPS


Level: beginner

€ 1000
Trusted Advisor - Module B

The course contains up to 60 hours of reading and training material and is supported by short explanatory videos to get a grasp of the subjects:

  • Value chain analysis
  • Smarter companies concept
  • Valuation


Level: beginner

€ 1000
Trusted Advisor - Module C

This bundle is purely about obtaining practically useful knowledge. The memory trainers consist of 150 practical scenarios on a subject (i.e. the impact of digitalization on the value chain of automotive), the e-exam lets you test your understanding of the scenario's and the interactive community keeps the dialogue between you, peers and thought leaders going.


The Transfer Pricing knowledge injection bundle consists of :

  • memory trainer on VCA
  • memory trainer on BEPS
  • e-exam on VCA
  • e-exam on BEPS
  • 1 year membership to the VCA Spaces community


Level: Both beginner and advanced

€ 1000
Trusted Advisor - Module D (Workshop)

The VCA Blended Learning workshop consists of two 3-hour sessions (on location). The first session discovers the basics of Value Chain Analysis and introduces four techniques of applying it to a business. The knowledge of applying VCA to a business that is obtained in the first session will be put to use on client cases in the second session. Based on attending the second session the participants should be able to critically start analyzing the value chain of clients and have an ongoing dialogue with them. The tangible result of the workshop is a self-prepared canvas for 5 clients. With a canvas in hand the accountant can start the dialogue with the client.






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