Tax Litigators and Mediators

Tax litigation is becoming more important in today’s digital economy

  • Tax litigation cannot be looked at from only a national perspective anymore.
  • The MLI and the ICAP Program are examples that push boundaries of information.
  • Tax authorities are more coordinated and enhancing exchange of information.
  • Digitization has given rise to new firms and industries, besides altering the traditional business models and reshaping the global economy.


  • Tax litigation needs to step up to this reality of global exchange of information.
  • Digital impacted business models require knowledge update on matters like PE, IP and value chain
Workshop addressing Tax Dilemmas

With this physical workshop we want you to get a grasp of the consequences that a tax structure can have. Apply your knowledge in practice during the workshop with the intend to mitigate risk in tax matters by learning to address Tax Dilemmas in the Board Room.






Level: Senior tax litigators

Workshop lessons learned from major court cases

The two anonymized court cases are designed for deputies of tax litigators and aim for a structured approach to a court case. By letting you go through 4 layers of preparation material we challenge you to solve the court cases in question. The 4 layers:

  • Technical topics
  • Areas of dispute
  • News, trends and Policy
  • Comparative survey


Level: Junior tax litigator

Tax Litigation Advanced Learning journey

These 3-hour exams are of academic level and will throughly test your TP knowledge based on either your work experience or the gained knowledge from our courses. The exams are prepared in cooperation with Maastricht University, leading to a university level exam with associated curriculum.


Level: advanced


Get access to GTC Spaces, the environment with all the top tax litigators in the world. Engaging in such a community will give you in-depth knowledge on the latest developments.




Level: Both senior and junior tax litigators


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