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Why we created the Tax Technology Learning Journey?

As we all know the typical task list of the tax professional will change due to standardization and automation of workflows. At e-Bright we don't perceive the technological developments as a threat, more as an opportunity to strengthen your proposition to your client. But working with instead of working against the software solutions requires an understanding of them, that is why we created the tax technology learning journey. Find out below what is all included in the journey.

What to expect from the Tax Technology Learning Journey

The Learning journey includes different compontents:

  • Extensive online Tax Technology course* (download the complete index here
  • Reference Material**
  • Memory Trainer Tax Technology specific (launch Q1 2020)
  • Memory Trainer IT specific (launch Q1 2020)

* The Extensive online Tax Technology course consists of 10 chapters and basically covers everything that the new tax professional should know in order to stay relevant to the client. Every chapter is wrapped up by 10 multiple choice questions to test your obtained knowledge. 

** The extra reference material provides an in-depth view on certain topics in the course, such as country-specific tax technology policies like a case study on Income Tax in Brazil and RACI models.

Available Now!

All above mentioned parts are included in the bundle.



€ 4000
Tax Technology User Experience (TTUX) day

Know where you or you and your team stand in with Tax Technology.


  • Evaluation on your TT skillset before the experience day.
  • Work with 5 different tax software in 1 day.
  • Evaluation on your TT skillset after the experience day.


Download the leaflet here


Developed in close corporation with TPA Global.

€ 2000

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