Introductory Workshop VCA, Tax Technology, Tax Controversy

Why follow the Workshop with your collegues?

  • Efficiently get a graps on all three trending subjects.
  • Follow the workshop with your collegues.
  • Possibility to directly have a dialogue with professionals about it during the webinar.


What can you expect from the Workshop?

Due to a fast-changing tax landscape and an increasing potential for scrutiny by tax authorities in the post BEPS world, it has become extremely important for taxpayers to be vigilant. As this imposes also higher demands upon tax advisors, they need to be pro-active and fully prepared to provide clients with the appropriate know how and tools to help them to take a stand against tax
authorities in this new world. The 3-hour workshop / webinar addresses three crucial focus areas in this regard: VCA, Tax technology, Tax controversy.

Your Contact Person

  Boyd Huibregtse 

  +31 10 713 8597


Rivium Quadrant 90

Capelle aan den IJssel 2909 LC 

Tel: +31 (0) 10 713 8597