As a daughter company of tax and accounting solution provider TPA Global, e-Bright has been delivering high quality education on Transfer Pricing, Valuation, BEPS and Value Chain Analysis to the worldwide TPA Global network. Since 2019 we opened up our training facilities to other tax and accounting firms as well.

With a headquarter in The Netherlands our training courses are accredited by several Dutch accreditation institutions, but we’re in the process of receiving accreditation in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg as well. The learning journeys are of university cerfitied level. We currently have accreditation with the the RB and based on your their personal participation members of the NOB have claimed PE-points after studying with us as well.

The courses that require physical attendance are granted with Permanent Education points (PE-points) equal to the hours of attendance, i.e. our 2x 3-hour workshop VCA Blended Learning in which both accountants and tax advisors that want to do more than their current pallet of running audits and approving the books can learn how to run a Value Chain Analysis and subsequently have a dialogue with their client on creating value.

The training material is developed by and refined with accountants and tax advisors in the field, therefore being recognized as practically useful study material with many client cases to prove the track record.

Our learners fulfil the role of accountant, assistant-accountants, tax advisor, senior tax litigators, junior tax litigators and other professionals in tax, legal or business.


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