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Press Releases Originaly posted on Thursday September 22, 2016

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e-Bright has successfully launched three new courses in its Valuation Techniques Series. Now, you can deepen your knowledge of valuation within the following asset categories:

  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Valuation of Intangibles
  • Valuation of Machinery/Fixed Assets

e-Bright's valuation courses will help you to understand the basic principles of valuation and will guide you through the valuation process.The courses elaborate on different elements of the valuation process that are crucial to comprehend for today's professional valuation practice. The practice of valuation is beneficial not only to lawyers, accountants, tax professionals or investors, but also to professionals that face valuation in transactions, reports or strategic planning.

Overview of ourValuation Techniques Series:

1.Introduction to Valuation

Develop a holisticunderstanding of valuation in today's business perspective

2.Valuation of Real Estate- New!

Develop an understanding of how to value property and gain insights into the specific elements of a real estate valuation process

3.Valuation of Intangibles - New!

Develop an understanding of how to value intangible assets and gain insights into the specific elements of an intangible assets valuation process

4.Valuation of Machinery and other Fixed Assets - New!

Develop an understanding of how to value machinery and other fixed assets and gain insights into the specific elements of an fixed assets valuation process

Why e-Bright valuation courses?

> Reliable valuation in the relevant context
Many professionals today have a narrow perspective on valuation relying on the universal frameworks and lacking the broader view. The e-Bright valuation courses will help you better understand the context of the valuation and variables that need to be considered before actual valuation methods are applied, to make sure the final valuation outcome is reliable in the given context.  

> Practical business approach
Our online courses provides a concise, practical and insightful training on valuation based on the insights of today's cutting edge valuation experts. We have created courses that focuses on understanding the process of valuation in the relevant business environment. The courses contain practical examples, case studies and up-to-date references.

> Functional course structure
To deliver insightful valuation courses and to prepare you for carrying out reliable and relevant valuations, e-Bright has created a unique course structure based on 4 valuation steps:

  1. Defining Stakeholders (Buyer, Seller, Government etc.)
  2. Defining the Purposeof Valuation (Buy/Sell, Insurance etc.)
  3. Selecting Valuation Techniques (Cost, Income, Market Approaches)
  4. Defining Objects of Valuation (References/Standards, Variables, Step-by-Step Valuation) 



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