FATCA - Should the rest of the world support the US?


News; Originaly posted on Monday February 17, 2014

The US faces very large sums of profits shifted away from its jurisdiction. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) insures other jurisdictions and financial institutions in these jurisdictions will share asset information of US multinationals. But they do so at their own expense and possibly over their own law.

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The OECD's two-tier documentation system


News; Originaly posted on Monday February 10, 2014

Since the original Action Plan the OECD has elaborated several drafts on topic-specific documents. It has just released its draft on documentation requirements and is as per usual requesting new comments. The two-tier system is the center of the OECD's suggestions.

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EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum clarifies transfer pricing adjustments

European Commission

News; Originaly posted on Monday February 3, 2014

There are certain incompatibilities in transfer pricing adjustments when more than one EU jurisdiction is involved. Because not all jurisdictions have the same regulations for when a TP adjustment should be executed, the arm's-length requirements apply at different timings. The EUJTPF has spoken on how these issues should be solved.


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Italy clarifies domestic use of transfer pricing


News; Originaly posted on Monday January 27, 2014

Transfer pricing legislation is most commonly used to regulate transactions between associated firms when one of these firms is a multinational delaring tax in a foreign jurisdiction. But under specific provisions, it may also apply to transactions between related firms.

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e-Bright celebrates first corporate client

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Press Releases; Originaly posted on Tuesday January 21, 2014

The thriving transfer pricing e-learning platform, e-Bright, has been growing in popularity among transfer pricing enthusiasts and professionals who seek to enhance their transfer pricing knowledge. But beyond the individual students, e-Bright also offers packages to corporate clients – and Transfer Pricing Associates is the pioneer customer.

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