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European Commission to investigate tax breaks given to MNEs in three countries

European Commission

News; Originaly posted on Wednesday June 18, 2014

Apple, Starbucks and Fiat have scored tax deals with Ireland, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, respectively, which have saved them millions of euro in taxes. But were these deals fair to tax competition? The European Commission has launched an investigation that will dive further into the matter.

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Japan reveals plan to lower corporate tax in 2015


News; Originaly posted on Friday June 13, 2014

Shinzo Abe's plan for a revamp of the tax system has been clear for a while, but opposing opinions stood against his efforts. The Japanese government has now announced it will finally go ahead with plans to introduce significant changes to taxation in the new fiscal year, with heavy cuts on corporate tax included in the agenda.

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The OECD BEPS project: the current topics


News; Originaly posted on Saturday June 7, 2014

The Action Plan chmapioned by the OECD will be the most important tax and transfer pricing revamp of all time, as far as a global tax environment goes. Whether or not you are following the news, here's an update on what are currently some of the hottest topics.

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Inside tax avoidance: Amazon still pays tax in the wrong country


News; Originaly posted on Thursday May 29, 2014

Amazon is well established in the British market, where it receives payments from British customers, but Luxembourg is the jurisdiction where most of the taxable income is allocated. In a digital economy taxation is a complex issue.

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A tax and business view of Narendra Modi


News; Originaly posted on Friday May 23, 2014

Gujarat's pro-business master has become India's new prime minister, in a historical toppling of the Nehru-Gandi's dominion over India's political power. And now one asks: what will Modi mean for businesses?

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