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Press Releases Originaly posted on Monday October 10, 2016

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Integrated thinking by boards is a ‘must’ to convert your strategy into actions.

Examples of the importance of integrated thinking:

  • Change in strategy requires change management by your people. Involvement of your team of key employees is essential;
  • Report changes in strategy to all your stakeholders, e.g. shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the public. This goes beyond your current financial reporting;
  • Change of strategy needs to land with a team of in-house professionals. This defines and drives your corporate governance policy;
  • You want to make sure that all of these steps increase your enterprise and shared value.

Boards in control – Snapchats for boards

Snapchats for Boards are a series of 2-pagers information series that address all of the above through a series of 5-minutes articles, and give each board member access to valuable expertise in each of these areas. They also provide relevant questions on that specific topic to self-assess whether you and your organization are in control.

Topics addressed

In summary, the series address topics like:

  • Recognize the value and importance of key employees for strategy delivery;
  • Manage the people function to change in sync with the strategy;
  • Optimize behavior of management boards towards all stakeholders;
  • Give decision autonomy to in-house professionals;
  • Go beyond financial reporting;
  • Look beyond the quarterly reporting cycle; and
  • Consider wider integrated reporting to increase enterprise value.

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