Transfer Pricing - Topics


Specific topics related to transfer pricing

The Transfer Pricing – Topics course offers modules featuring individual components that together form a detailed understanding and provide more thorough expertise on transfer pricing. The course is oriented toward experienced transfer pricing students or professionals and is indicated to students who have already completed the Fundamentals and Complex courses.

Topics covered

  • Intangibles,
  • Valuation,
  • Documentation,
  • International taxation and withholding tax,
  • Services,
  • FDI,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Benchmarking of transfer pricing best practices.



It is recommended that you first complete the Transfer Pricing – Fundamentals and Transfer Pricing – Complex courses.


Study time

Self-study: 6 hours

Reading material: up to 40 hours

Additional material (i.e. videos): 2 hours


Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is necessary. All required study material is provided in the online course.


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