Value Creation - Building Smarter Companies

Building Smarter Companies

This course provides a primer on how to build a smarter company by focusing on intangible capital (IC).  It consists of five modules that correspond to the steps in the Smarter Company Process (SCP).

Matter - Goals  

Why does IC matter? How do we know it matters in an individual organization? This module examines:

  • The shifts in business investment that flipped the value of companies from 80% tangible to 80% intangible
  • The link between intangibles investment and productivity
  • How to engage management teams about the importance of intangibles in their own organizations


What is IC? How can we inventory and model the IC of an individual organization? This module examines:

  • The components of intangible capital, what they are and how they work
  • How IC components combine to work as a value creation system
  • How to build custom inventories and models of an organization’s IC


How to measure IC? What are the option? How can we measure the IC of an individual organization? This module examines:

  • The IC measurement options including financial, quantitative and qualitative
  • Why qualitative assessments are rapidly growing as the measure of choice
  • How to create a custom assessment for an organization


How is IC managed? What’s different today? What does this mean to managers on the ground? This module examines:

  • Key shifts in how business works
  • Key shifts in management basics
  • How to these shifts play out in real companies

Matter - Results

How does IC drive results in organizations? How can we connect the dots between IC and the financial results that are still the ultimate measure of success? This module examines:

  • The ways that IC drives results that matter
  • Why all four kinds of IC matter
  • How to model the connections between IC models, measures, management and financial results



None required. Reading Intangible Capital is highly recommended as a companion to the course. The course is for individuals interested in effectively running a business. 

Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is necessary. All required study material is provided in the online course.


Euro 600 includes:

  • 24/7 access to the on-line Building Smarter Companies course for a full year
  • Seven downloadable tools/exercises so you can learn to apply concepts
  • On-line chat/questioning with other participants and with instructor Mary Adams

Certification and avanced training programs also available through Smarter-Companies Inc. 


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