Transfer Pricing - Fundamentals


The fundamentals of transfer pricing

The Transfer Pricing – Fundamentals course offers a set of modules that provide basic understanding of transfer pricing to students new to the topic, delivering entry-level expertise.

Topics covered

  • Basic principles of transfer pricing,
  • Definition and role of affiliates and stakeholders,
  • The role of OECD,
  • The role of UN,
  • Main transfer pricing methods,
  • The role of the EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum,
  • Transfer pricing process.


Pre - requisite

None required. The course is for individuals without experience in transfer pricing.


Study time

Self-study: 6 hours

Reading material: up to 40 hours

Additional material (i.e. videos): 2 hours


Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is needed. All required study material is provided in the online course.


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