Value Creation - Successful and Sustainable Value Chains

Defining Successful and Sustainable Value Chains

The companies’ value chain has been evolving constantly. In the last twenty years, businesses experienced a significant change in their structure and activity due to the incredible technological and computing progress together with the diffusion of the internet and social networks. These last twenty years are called “knowledge era” because of the importance that knowledge has in companies’ success and survival today. This era is significant with intangible assets, which drive 80% of the value and 100% of the competitive advantage in companies today. This course demonstrates the historical development of the value chain and provides insights into how the value chain has evolved in the changing business context in the last centuries. The course stresses the critical success factors of company's value chains and is structured to build up an understanding of which elements of the value chain made companies, and will make future companies, successful.  

This course will prepare you for two other courses in the Value Creation Series. The diagram below demonstrate the learning process and connection between the courses.

The "Defining Successful and Sustainable Value Chains" course consists of the following 4 modules:

Module 1: How does today’s organization look like?

  • Past, present and future of business
  • Evolution of companies’ value creation
  • Value chain and its evolution

Module 2: The evolution from tangible to intangible economy

  • The evolution of business models: a historical overview
  • Main trends in the evolution of business
  • "Dinosaur Companies" and the importance of intangibles in companies’ survival
  • Other methods to explain companies’ conditions

Module 3: Evolution of value chains

  • Performing a value chain analysis
  • Vertically integrated value chains
  • The evolution of value chains
  • The Future Value Chain

Module 4: The rise of the intangible economy – intangibles

  • Definition of intangible assets
  • Four functional variables
  • Different perspectives across disciplines
  • Importance of intangibles


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