is an online learning platform specialized in transfer pricing, value creation, valuation techniques and authentic governance and control framework. You will find courses for individuals and organizations of levels available starting from basic to advanced topics. Check out our Courses page.


Who should take the courses?

The courses offered provide a practical approach and critical knowledge on transfer pricing. The course alternatives are tailored to suit the needs of individuals and institutions with different levels of experience and their specific learning needs:

  • Beginners who start becoming Transfer Pricing Professionals.
  • Trainers offering In-house Transfer Pricing trainings.
  • In-House Counsels at companies with international operations
  • Experienced Transfer Pricing Practitioners who want to stay on top of the latest laws, regulations, rulings, and other issues affecting the field
  • Senior Executives who supervise staff with transfer pricing functions. CFOs, vice presidents, controllers, and treasurers who want to maximize the profit potential of their firms
  • Tax Advisors who wish to expand their service portfolio or provide better and more thorough service to their clients
  • Attorneys with strong comprehension of financial and economic issues wishing to extent their practices into the transfer pricing area
  • Accountants and Economists with strong legal understanding aiming to offer transfer pricing services
  • College students who are interested in become transfer pricing professionals


What do the courses offer?

Our courses arm you with the latest knowledge needed to deal with issues like:

In the Transfer Pricing courses there are three levels a student can choose from: fundamentals, complex and specific topics, making e-Bright an ideal option of beginners and experts alike.

  • Designing and implementing an appropriate transfer pricing system
  • Minimising transfer pricing risks and simplifying compliance
  • Preparation of  transfer pricing documentation and ensuring compliance in various jurisdictions
  • Selecting and applying a transfer pricing methodology
  • Benchmarking a transfer pricing system against best practices
  • Creating and maintaining a framework for transfer pricing control


The Value Creation Series

  • How to measure and manage Intangible Capital.
  • How to create a custom assessment for an organization.
  • The new CFO playground and emerging priorities affecting the future role of the CFO.
  • Understand firm’s value drivers and value creation techniques which makes companies successful.
  • Smarter Companies concept and its practical approach to value optimization.
  • Increase and measure shareholder value.


Authentic Governance and Control Framework

  • The transformation of value chains and the consequences for your organization.
  • Overview of the human governance principles that are needed to engage your people.
  • How to apply highly different traits and management approaches in different situations.
  • The role and benefits of authenticity for the different types of people and positions.
  • Explanation of organization governance principles that drive the sustainable competitive advantage of your organization.
  • The efficient implementation of the 3rd generation governance and control framework.


Valuation Techniques

  • Insights into the importance of considering the business context.
  • How do I learn to perform a reliable valuation in the relevant business context


The courses can be purchased individually. All courses added together provide thorough and in-depth knowledge of the subject and provide greater knowledge on specific information needs.

A 10 day demo is available for each course, free of charge. Check out the Courses page by clicking on Read more.


The platform also contains a BookStore, where books and articles with additional information on the topics discussed are available. These items can be used as supplementary reading to the course. The items in the book store can be purchased separately, but can also be packaged with a course for a discount.


In the News page, you can find short news articles about current topics related to subjects addressed in the courses. You may subscribe to the news page to receive the latest transfer pricing news weekly. Just as with the BookStore, you may purchase a subscription separately or in conjunction with a course. You can always read about our updates and new courses under  Press releases.


Further information

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this platform, please check out our frequently asked questions(FAQ) or contact us.

If you are an institution or a business and you would like to offer our courses to your students or clients, please contact our sales representative at g.ciocan@e-bright.com. 



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