Value Creation - Value Creation for CFOs

Value Creation for CFOs

This course is designed specifically for CFOs. It consists of the following three modules:

Business Performance Measurement and Value Creation

The goal of Module 1 is to communicate the key challenges shaping the role of CFOs, present the concept of Smarter Companies and explain how Smarter Companies approach can assist management/ finance teams in addressing these raising challenges.

Module 1 covers the following key topics:

  • The new CFO playground and emerging priorities affecting the future role of the CFO
  • Firm’s value drivers and value creation techniques
  • Smarter Companies concept and its practical approach to value optimization

Practical Aspects of Corporate Value Creation

The second module focuses on value quantification and illustrates how various benefits stemming from Smarter Companies analysis can be measured.

Module 2 covers the following key topics:

  • Key aspects driving companies competitive agenda
  • The link between Smarter Companies analysis and enterprise value
  • Enterprise value measurement techniques
  • Global Benefit Model and Smarter Companies analysis impact quantification

Specific Topics on Corporate Value Creation

The third module is an extension to Module 1 in the way that it further explains how Smarter Companies approach can be applied in the various contexts of value creation (e.g., brand valuation, EVA, etc.)

Module 3 focuses on the following key topics:

  • Ways to increase and measure shareholder value
  • Brand and marketing intangibles valuation
  • R&D effectiveness


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