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Exceling in the complex environment of today’s organizations means that we have to apply highly different traits and management approaches in different situations. We have to be structured and process-oriented to complete our tasks; we have to possess all the required know-how to competent in our jobs; we need brilliant sales and communication skills to sell our work and get recognized for it; and we have to be compassionate and good people managers to cooperate and have good relationships with others. To know which of our personal dimensions we should use in which situation, and to align these dimensions with our goals and motivations, we need to enhance our authenticity and become Self Leaders.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the next-generation Authentic Governance and Control Framework and a highly practical guidance to implement it on your own. The course is applicable and highly beneficial for every professional, regardless of position or seniority.

The Why, What, and How of Authenticity

Why is authenticity important, what does it mean for us, and how can we benefit from it? The course offers:

  • A thorough understanding of what authenticity means and why it is required in today’s organizations;
  • A practical explanation of the role and benefits of authenticity for the different types of people and positions;
  • Hands-on personal guidance to become an authentic Self Leader.

The nine elements of Authentic Governance and Control

How can we apply the next generation of governance and control principles in our careers and interactions? The course offers:

  • An in-depth review of the Authentic Governance and Control framework and its fundamental nine elements;
  • The explanation of practical benefits for each element through real-world case studies;
  • Practical guiding questions to tailor and apply the theory to your own needs.

Your own personal Self Leadership enhancement plan

What can you personally do to enhance your authentic self in order to become better and happier in your career? The course offers:

  • Practical guidance to implement the learned concepts on your own;
  • A list of milestones and goals to track your progression of becoming an authentic leader;
  • Your own personalized weekly plan to support your enhancement throughout and beyond this course.

Prerequisites and advanced preparations

The course is applicable and highly beneficial for every professional, regardless of their seniority or position. It requires no advanced preparations, and all required study material is provided in the online course.


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